Universal Theme Patcher

A tool for customizing the look of a computer's operating system

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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One of the great things about Windows ability to modify the operating system to that you needs. The Universal Theme Patcher makes it easy to install third-party things on your Windows operating system. You can use unofficial themes and change the way Windows looks like by installing the software and selecting from a list of theme options. The application doesn't require installation on your operating system, which makes it a great option for service technicians that want to provide this service to their customers. The application provides functionality that might otherwise take a significant amount of expertise to use.

Since the application doesn't require installation, you can add it to any USB drive and double-click the application to launch the program. When the program launches it searches your computer to determine if any patches are needed before installing the software. If patches are needed, a new window opens and you can either apply the patches or restore your system to a pre-patch condition. Use the "Patch" button to install new patches. The "Restore" button provides you with options for restoring the system to its previous state. If you select the "Patch" button, it takes you to a special area that allows you to download unofficially supported themes. If you select the Restore button, you can quickly return your installation to the default set of Windows themes. When you install a theme, the patcher applies a backup in case you need to restore your original configuration.

The patcher doesn't provide the most user-friendly interface, but with a little effort, most people won't have an issue learning to use the software. Ignore the extra information about the checksums and other numbers on the screen. The checksums provide a way for experienced users to verify the installation of the theme being installed. However, this check is usually not necessary and the downloadable themes are safe for use on your system. For most users, just select the theme you want and click the "Patch" button to install the theme on your system.

The software works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It does not provide support for Windows 8 and there is no support available if something goes wrong. While the program does provide backups of any files changed, if you have issues with a restoration it could leave your system inoperable. However, the program works well and reliable applies patches to your themes and change the look and feel of your system.


  • Provides support for Windows, up to Windows 7.
  • Creates a backup of the original files in case you need to restore a previous theme.
  • Can be installed on a portable device and doesn't need to be installed as an application.


  • Doesn't yet support Windows 8.
  • No support in case something goes wrong with the installation or removal of themes.
  • Interface provides lots of unnecessary information that might confuse beginners.

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